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6 Relationship Compatibility Factors Everyone Should Consider

6 Relationship Compatibility Factors Everyone Should Consider

In the grand scheme of things, there is no tried-and-true formula to making a relationship last. Everyone seems to have their own recipe for success, whether that include healthy communication, mutual respect, or even quality time together. But, what if, at the end of the day, the secret to long-lasting love boils down to some simple relationship compatibility factors?

According to relationship experts, if compatibility is not at the forefront of your mind, it should be. “Compatibility is equivalent to not settling for something less than what you desire, and it comes down to an understanding of what your values are, and deciding to be with with someone who agrees with or also lives by those same values,” says Jeannie Assimos, Chief of Advice at eharmony. “Most importantly, the relationship will be just be plain easier when you see eye-to-eye on the majority of issues.”

That said, Assimos explains that some incompatibility is totally fine and actually pretty normal. “Your relationship can carry some compromise, and some friction,” says Assimos. “The danger occurs when you exceed a reasonable level or a period of time. If two people find they are compromising over and over on issues that are very important to them, that friction can lead to a lot of conflict.”

But what issues are compatibility deal-breakers and which ones can you be a bit more flexible about? Again, there’s not cut-and-dry list here of things to prioritize, but there’s some valuable professional insights to guide you as you figure things out.