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He says “No, it tastes like eel

He says “No, it tastes like eel

8:22 pm: I try the roll. The avacado falls out of my mouth. He laughs. I feel something on my face. Yep, that’s soy sauce. I ask him if I still have soy sauce on my face. I wipe my face, feeling something wet.

9:20 pm: I stand to go to the bathroom. Did i mention there are white tablecloths at this restaurant? There are. I get up, taking the table cloth and my water with me. Water glass down. The table is soaked. He laughs. I run away.

9:24 pm: I come back, the table cloth/my chair is too wet to sit down. He makes a joke bout me making a scene. I leave without sitting again.

Honestly this is the only really entertaining part of the date. I think I was more worried about having a nervous reaction to shellfish than what would happen on the actual date part of the date.

I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the details. We ended up getting a night cap at another bar, which is almost ALWAYS a good idea on a Tuesday evening. And that’s all she wrote. To be continued…?

Full disclosure: this date was not a result of Bumble. I chose the restaurant because it has 65 craft beers on tap or something ridiculous. Do i like craft beers? No. Did that sway my decision? You bet your ass not. Is this just drinks or dinner? No idea. Timeline below:

Answer: “The Prisoner of Azkaban

6:45pm: I eat a full italian dinner because i’m not sure if this date is drinks or dinner so idk wtf i’ll be eating.

7:03 pm: He is running late. I’m standing in the restaurant. Do i order a drink? No i’m awkward and weird so I stand there on my phone.

7:07 pm: We get a table, thank god I didn’t get a drink or else he wouldn’t know what to do.

7:10 pm: I ask the waitress what her “favorite” is…